Brown Procrastination

Brown Procrastination
20 November 2010 
Procrastination is an art with The Prince Consort and I. So while the wingback chair waits shivering in the cold waiting for us to put the new batting and fabric on, we delay. 
When we bought the fabric for the wingback chair, we also found a really cool artist’s kit for The Prince Consort. He’s wanted to paint for years. So one sale-priced artist’s kit later, he was unpacking the oil paints, acrylic paints, chalks, papers, book, on and on. He’s very excited. But we need storage for all the goodies. So back out to hunt down a chest of some sort with shallow drawers. 
Voila! A very affordable rolling drawer set at the office supply store, comes home with us. As great as the plastic chest is, it’s not gorgeous. The black frame is fine, but the translucent plastic drawers are not fancy enough. They need Arts and Crafts. So back out to spend a good twenty minutes reading spray paint labels in the home improvement store. (Do you see how good we are at avoiding the elephant in the room? AKA the wingback chair project waiting to be finished.)
The Prince Consort carefully sets up the tarp and buckets to prop the drawers on. And he begins to spray. How is it he can spray paint without dripping? I can’t paint a horizontal surface without drip patterns. 
I was refused a turn at the spray paint. Not only do I end up with drips, but I get as much paint on myself as on the project, and we only bought one can. I settled for supervisor for at least ten minutes. Then I wandered back into the newly organized garage and found an old can of brown spray paint. TPC turned me down when I offered to help with the old paint. 
So I stared around the yard. The bird feeders screamed at me for a new paint job. YES! 
I finished the big feeder with the dome top that is supposed to prevent anything but birds from reaching the seed. (Yeah. Turns out the domed top makes a perfect place for over-stuffed squirrels to digest two pounds of sunflower seeds.) As I stepped back from my masterpiece, TPC finished his drawers and came to see what I had been up to. 
And this is why he’s the family artist. He looked at the big wet bird feeder dome and asked how it would look if we piled fall leaves on top. YEOW!  I LOVE IT!!! 

So procrastination has netted us a handsome customized art supply chest, and a one of a kind bird feeder. Until it rains.    Kath 


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