The Dude Rejects Fall

The Dude Rejects Fall 
11 October 2010 
Last March, in the midst of a serious snowfall here in Kentucky, the Prince Consort and I flew out to Southern California to visit my parents. Since he was no longer driving, my father asked us to adopt his 2001 Dodge Caravan. So we drove the Dude home to Kentucky through sun, wind, snow, and rain, from Pacific beaches through high desert, and finally into hilly central Kentucky. 
Having spent his first nine years of life as my Dad’s trusty ‘goer’ in sunny California, the Dude has had a lot of shocks about life and weather outside Paradise. 
The Dude is having the hardest time with the concept of Autumn. He’s not buying the whole deciduous tree thing. He knows we killed the trees, because everybody in Southern California knows trees do Not shed their leaves. It’s not natural. 
So here is a photo of the Dude complete with his CA plate (He reluctantly allowed the KY license tag on his rear.) and one of those leaves from the murdered trees caught in his new windshield wipers(left) . He points out the first pair of wipers lasted nine years because CA doesn’t leak from the skies. 

And here’s the Dude’s view of our front woods, which is crawling with more than enough wildlife to entertain him. 
And here’s one of the Dude’s favorite trees at the top of the drive.  



  1. Poor old Dude! But that last picture should be enough to reconcile him to the fall (from the state of grace.)

  2. Indeed. Paradise Lost for the Dude.
    Although I can see some Halloween costuming coming up.

  3. Great pictures! Makes me homesick.

  4. Thank you, Joan. With the drought this year, I'm awfully happy that we are having some of that glorious color.


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