31 October 2010
Ghosts? Believe in them? 
I don’t. But I’ve seen two.
 For sure. No doubt. Verified. And not by Ghost Busters with machines or cameras that I frankly think you can interpret any way you like. 
So how do I know I’ve seen ghosts? 
My family moved to Aquidneck Island, Rhode Island when the Marine Corps sent my father to what was then called the Naval War College. For a year my family lived in Lawrence Farmhouse, a 1600’s farmhouse. Aside from electricity, plumbing, a steep stairwell where a ladder would have been, and the kitchen/garage addition, the farmhouse was pretty much original. 
Complete with ghosts.
 I was a college student when we moved to Rhode Island. Each night a pair of ghosts showed up in my bedroom, the only one overlooking the Narragansett. The older ghost wore a brass-buttoned antique naval uniform. The younger, holding his hand, was a long-haired girl in a dress. 
I’d have better details if I’d not chosen to turn my back on them, and read through the night. Not daring to sleep until daylight. You’ll have to ask our two Siamese cats, who are now ghost-Siamese, for details. Blue-eyes tracking, Rikki Tik and Ebeneezer watched every ghostly move.  
You’re thinking I let my active imagination, after all now I write paranormals, to rule my better sense. Okay first you’d have to prove I have better sense. But I have proof of the ghosts, not of my better sense. 
I did not tell anyone, ANYONE, about the ghosts. No way. At the end of the summer, I wanted to fly back down to Florida to college, not get locked away somewhere for intensive help. Even that Christmas vacation I didn’t tell my family when they told me about the sticky windows that lifted and closed on their own. 
Several years after I was out of college, married, and pretty normal, I told. But Only after my parents related a conversation with a Navy couple who leased the Lawrence Farmhouse after my family. The couple started swapping ghost stories with my parents. My parents only had the window and other poltergeist stories.  But this couple upped the ante with the pair of ghosts in the bay-side bedroom. My old bedroom. 
I listened stunned. The description of the ghosts was an exact match to mine. Hair standing on my neck, I finally talked about 1my ghosts. 
So, Ghosts or no ghosts? 


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