Arts and Crafts Again

Arts and crafts again
8 October 2010 
So I’m watching HGTV, that show with the three homeowners who compete for who got the most value for their fancy renovations. And I realize the kitchen I like best is the one with those cool counter stools. Not like mine. 
So I look at the Prince Consort. The clock is ticking. His eyes get big, and he says, “What?” with that note that says he wasn’t watching the TV and doesn’t know what’s coming, but he knows something is. 
“I hate our kitchen stools.” 
He takes a deep breath. 
I put him out of his misery. There will be no protracted fifteen-furniture-store shopping trip. I’m still on the rehab-the-old-stuff kick. 
 “I want to paint the counter stools black.” 
Probably black comes to mind because I just refreshed the front porch railing, table, and the mail box with Rustoleum black. And we have lots of paint left. Or it’s because the kitchen is natural maple with black accents. 
And here he makes the mistake. “The paint won’t stick to the rattan seats.” Nice try. No sale. 
He’s got the look that says he really doesn’t want me painting the furniture. Plus he’s trying to diplomatic about the fact that the plants around the mailbox as well as the front porch have a festive spattering of Rustoleum black.  And it took two days for the paint to scrape off my nose, arms, hands, and for some unknown reason feet. 
He recovers quickly. “I’ll spray them.” 
That was almost too easy. 
(Photos to follow.) 


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