2 Out of 3 We Are Not Amused

2 out of 3 We are not amused,
17October 2010
Nikki and SamCat are not amused. SamCat is a cool cat, and had little to say. But Nikki howled our way to the vet. It was just annual shots and exam, for pity sake. 
The vet. initially said, “Must be some Siamese in Nikki.” A few minutes later Dr. S. smoothly wrapped his hand around Nikki’s muzzle, damping down the yowling to hear Nikki’s heart. As I packed up the drama queen and SamCat, Dr. S said, “You have two average cats. That is if you do the math and average one silent cat and one yowler.” 
Tell me about it. And he didn’t have to be in the same car with Nikki all the way home. 
Nikki: Look into my eyes. 
The Dude is waay not amused. He is in fact sulking. As you can see in the photo, he’s turned his back on his favorite view up the driveway and is facing the house. It all started when he was assaulted in a neighbor’s driveway. A tree pummeled him with acorns. The Dude maintains that in California trees are civilized. 
 Note Dude’s new bumper sticker. 

I’m pleased. 

The Prince Consort did a bang up job painting the kitchen stools. They look Great! I was allowed to sand, and scan for missed spots. But I was asked to step away from the spray paint. We only had three cans for three chairs, and I’ve never spray, roller, brush, or sponge painted anything without ending up wearing half the paint. The number of shampooings it takes to wash some paints out of your hair is waaaay more than you’d guess. 


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