Water Diet

29 August 2010 
Water diet
This morning’s Science e-zine had an article explaining how drinking water before a meal can so fill the stomach that you eat 90 less calories at that meal. That’s 270 less a day, if I ate only three times. Hello. I can save like 500 calories or More if I eat a lot more meals. Now that’s something to consider. 
But there’s a catch. You need water.  A couple of water mains broke on Thursday. There was a “boil water” order for my area. I may be cooking-challenged, but I can boil water. So no problem, right? Yeah. So not right. 
After being boiled, the water tasted peculiar. And it was cloudy. It took me a full day to figure it out. (Still another example of my struggle with steep learning curves.) I had boiled the water in the deepest biggest pot I had. The aluminum pasta pot. 
Uh huh. Apparently pasta water embeds in aluminum pots and only leaches out when you need drinking water. Because the water tasted so funky, I did not drink down gallons of it. There was nothing between me and the calories!
Tomorrow morning I’m calling the water department. It is clearly their fault that in two days of ‘boil water’ I gained so much weight, I can no longer zip up my jeans whether I lay on the bed, or the floor and use pliers, or get First Husband to tug and tug. 
I’m going to need an in-writing promise that the water department will guarantee no more water mains break. And if they can’t, they’ll need to assign someone to come zip up my jeans. Big strong, maybe six feet tall, lots of muscles, model handsome … What were we talking about? 


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