Monday, September 26, 2016

Rufus: Just Saying: Book Unfair to DAWGS!

Rufus: Just Saying: Book Unfair to DAWGS!
26 September 2016

MomPeople wrote a book. The whole book thing is just wrong! Her book is NOT about dawgs!  You can tell because of the title: The Lazy Dragon and the Bumblespells Wizard (, She didn’t write a dawg book! Why not?

If she had written a book about me or about dawgs, I bet our neighbor Susan would have brought me a treat. Instead she brought over two books for MomPeople to sign and a plate of cake I wasn’t allowed to eat!

MomPeople thought it was real funny when she said she had no idea writing was fattening. Huh. Not for some of us. Notice MomPeople ate up one of the cake pieces before she took a photo of the treats. I hope she gets fat!

It’s so stupid to write about dragons! Who wants to read about a lazy dragon, Cl’rnce, who has to go on some stupid Quest (not chasing squirrels so who cares?) and meets up with a girl who wants to be a wizard but gets her spells wrong most of the time? Just because they have to defeat an evil hedge witch, and a knight who wants to kill the dragon, and an evil dragon who might even be Cl’rnce’s sister? Phooey!  There’s a silly raven who poops on Cl’rnce, but not one noble dawg!!!

I agree with that rude deer who ate DadPeople’s new plants. Big tongue-stick-out at MomPeople and her unfair to dawgs book.  Rufus

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Does Spelling Taste Good?

Rufus: Just Saying: Does Spelling Taste Good? 
20 August 2016

Big ‘kerfuffle’ in MomPeople’s office. NikkiCat, who hangs out there snarfing up treats from MomPeople, told me. (Not that I’m jealous of NikkiCat. MomPeople made me Pupsicles, and all I have to do is nose-press on the front door when DadPeople and I are outside, and MomPeople fetches me my chicken broth ice cube/ Pupsicle. So there.)

NikkiCat NOT getting a treat for nose-pressing the front door.  He’s on the wrong side, inside. HAH!

Anyway, NikkiCat says the office dragons are all wound up about spelling. I don’t know what spelling is. Kind of like smelling? Smelling is important. But if I never heard of spelling, it probably tastes nasty.

Anyway, NikkiCat says MomPeople’s Cl’rnce Dr’gon can’t spell. Something about ‘postrophes’, which I’ve never heard of so they probably taste bad too. NikkiCat says Chauncey Dr’gon, the big guy who sits on the end of MomPeople’s desk, told the rest of the office a story about why Cl’rnce ‘spells with ‘postrophes’.

Okay, I just saw a chipmunk AND a squirrel, and they need chasing. So if you want to find out why the dragons are upset that Cl’rnce Dr’gon spells weirdly, go to MomPeople’s author site-
Click on the Dragon Tales tab. Tell me if ‘postrophes’ or ‘spelling’ taste good.


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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Hot-Muggy Digging and Dragon Summer

Rufus: Just Saying: Hot-Muggy Digging and Dragon Summer!  

Boy, is this an ‘arf' of a summer! Here in the Bluegrass we have plenty-hot days, but usually not much muggy-hot stuff. But boy, has it been hot and human-id (funny word I heard DadPeople use.) 

DadPeople is still working on making walls for a garden terrace. Which means we dig up stones. He piles them on the ground. I test to see if they’ll fall over. He piles them up again. He empties really nice dirt between the first long pile of rocks and the second. But I’m not allowed to dig in it. Sigh. 
Then he goes to the garden store and comes back with plants. Which is weird since we already have a lot of plants. I supervise.  Well, sometimes I go into the woods and make sure the squirrels stay up in the trees. Somebody has to.  

It wears me out. So I take naps while DadPeople plays in the dirt I’m not allowed in. 

MomPeople is inside doing stuff like ‘proofing’ her book about dragons.  I’m not sure what that means. Probably means looking for escaped dragons. She should come outside with us. I found this dragon in the flower pot.  

 That’s a joke. DadPeople says that’s a SnapDragon flower. It’s not a real dragon. I think. 

But there’s another one. I stay away from him. He hides in the grass. I think he really did escape from MomPeople’s office full of dragons.  

NikkiCat probably let him out. He sits by the storm door and glares at me now that he’s not allowed ‘OWT’ because there are so many coyotes.    
NikkiCat says I’m wrong, and this is what ‘proofing’ looks like. Cats make up stuff all the time. I still think it means the dragons escaped, and Nikki let them out!  


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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Rufus: Just Saying: Lazy? Summer Daze

Rufus: Just Saying: Lazy? Summer Daze
30 June 2016  

The Furry Birds are still robbing the bird feeder, but I can’t chase them. I have to WORK

Dad People got an idea for fancy-ing up a berm along the driveway.   And since he got out the ATV -Green Hornet- to do the work, I gave up Furry-Bird-Watch to help.  You never know when DadPeople and Green Hornet will decide to drive down to the river where there are LOTS of critters to chase. 

Here I’m surveying the area that DadPeople and I will dig out. 

DadPeople and I consult on where the next stone goes

MomPeople helped  DadPeople drag these stones down to the new garden area for the little wall. It wore me out. 

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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Rufus: Just Saying: What’s Going On!

Rufus: Just Saying: What’s Going On! 
18 June 2016  

I have been very busy. I bet you have too. 
I made it through allergy season this spring! I don’t know why I sneezed and sneezed. DadPeople said for me to look at the ‘spray’ from the weeds I like to run through. Huh? 

MomPeople is busy. She’s writing short stories she hopes might be accepted for  CBAY’s upcoming anthology on Witches and Dragons. She is also dancing around about ARCs  (Advance Reader Copy), which are not the same as ‘arfs’ which I am particularly good at, that went out for reading and reviewing before her book is officially released on 1 October.  NikkiCat offered for us to read MomPeople’s book, but NikkiCat wanted bribes. MomPeople just shook her head. 

While MomPeople is busy with writing and writing, the REST of us are VERY busy. Well, NikkiCat is not as busy as he used to be. Seems our mild winter means there are LOTS of coyotes in our woods. So NikkiCat is no longer allowed out for his morning skulk around the house before coming back inside for 23.5 hours of naps. MomPeople says we knew we were moving into a wooded area with wildlife, so we have to adapt. NikkiCat is not happy about adapting away his ‘OWT’ time. 

I am busy not peeing on the pretty grass in DadPeople’s new front garden. I am very proud of myself. 
I also checked the holes where DadPeople dug out new rocks for his redesigned ‘salmon run’. I’m a good digger, so I assured DadPeople there were only worms left in the holes.  

Oh! Turns out MomPeople is right about NikkiCat’s morning ‘perimeter check’ being more about having breakfast ‘OWT.’ Now that he can't go 'OWT,' we have many many squirrels and chipmunks. I spend a lot of time watching and barking at the trees they run up. I think they’re evil. See!  Look at those evil shining eyes! I have to BARK EM!!! 

They aren’t the only ‘evil’ critters. Look at all these! 
First there’s the unnatural Doe-Bird! It eats out of the bird feeder, just like the evil squirrels and turkeys! 

Look at this scary baby-buck! I bet his mom ate bird food and turned evil! 

I do not chase the evil deer. Deer are tricky. Ask the turkeys. First deer act friendly. 

Then they go after you. You have to be careful! 

OH. MomPeople just said the deer and squirrels are not evil. Their weird shiny eyes are because of the light reflected from their eyes. Hmmm. 

I think I’ll keep on Barking ‘Em  from a distance. 

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Monday, May 30, 2016

Rufus: Just Saying: Thanks to our Finest!

Rufus: Just Saying: Thanks to our Finest! 
30 May 2016

My MomPeople was very excited this Memorial Day morning. The flowers in the front pots were all bloomed out in red, white, and blue to match our flags!   This is a very big deal in our family. MomPeople’s grandfather and sister served in the US Army, and MomPeople’s father was a Marine Colonel who served in three wars. We are very proud of them, and grateful for their service. 

We are grateful for the service of Gille and Angie’s People Capt. Rex Booher,  (Ret. US Navy and US Marine Corps). We are grateful to all the patriots, women and men, who serve and have served so that we live in this great and free country. God Bless you,  every  one! 


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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Rufus: Just Saying: Spelling Phooey and Poppy Puppies

Rufus: Just Saying: Spelling Phooey and Poppy Puppies
10 May 2016 

I am going to write a book even if I can’t spell. NikkiCat can help. From the yelling from MomPeople’s office, and the way NikkiCat runs out of the office, I’m pretty sure NikkiCat spends a lot of time typing on the computer keys.

‘Course it might be harder to write a book since I can’t spell. BUT 

My MomPeople wrote a book about dragons. And she can’t spell! Her editor changed her book title to The Lazy Dragon and the Bumblespells Wizard. Seems MomPeople spelled dragon - dr’gon. Wrong! Except MomPeople said it was right in Dr’gon Language. I’m suspicious. I heard in the eighth grade MomPeople crashed and burned in the school spelling bee on a really easy word. So if she can’t spell, and I can’t spell, and she can write a book, so can I. 

I think I’ll write about DadPeople and  my gardening. We made a new patio. DadPeople put down  the pavers, and I did not dig up all the new grass. 

He planted flowers in pots, and I did not eat them, yet.   

I like the flowers, but the Puppies are my favorite. DadPeople said these are poppies. But since my People don’t seem to be real good at spelling, I think he got that wrong.

Look how furry the baby flowers are? Don’t you think these are puppies? 

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