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Rufus: Just Saying: Happy Halloween!

Rufus: Just Saying: Happy Halloween!
31 October 2017

This is a really good Halloween! MomPeople did Not try to stuff me or Hank into some silly costume. What? You think I’m kidding? Look what she did to two of the Cats!

Yeah. That’s NikkiCat in a Dragon costume.

He’s mad at ME! Because MomPeople found the costume in the Dog Dept. Really? It’s my fault? 

Ratchett gave MomPeople his own opinion.

And then DadPeople got a mask for the fire hydrant he painted to look like a Dalmatian!   And he didn’t stop with one mask. Oh, no. Today the hydrant is Darth Vader.

This Halloween is not only great because the People didn’t try to dress Hank and I up. It’s great because Gillie and Angie (Annette and RexPeople’s gorgeous black labs) sent us Treats! Cookies and toys!!! I love Angie and Gillie!

You cant see the toys? Here they are. They look suspiciously like the Barforami - Bubbles and Smush in MomPeople’s new books.

 Did I mention that MomPeople is way happy today too? Yep. She j…

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