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Rufus: Just Saying: ANOTHER DAWG!!!???

Rufus: Just Saying: ANOTHER DAWG!!!???
24 September 2017

I am a Very hardworking dawg. I take care of my People. Like when I supervised the porch painting. But this summer The People brought home Hank to live with us.

Sigh. He’s a lot of work.

MomPeople found Hank in town. He’s a city dawg. So first I  had to teach him about the woods and hunting.
He learned pretty fast.

Then I had to teach him about tug-o-war. He learned that one really fast. 

I had to teach him about walking in fields instead of roads or sidewalks.
I tried to tell him we’re too big for People laps, but …

All in all Hank’s a good guy, and he’s learning real fast.
He was really good at playing with MomPeople the other morning while DadPeople was doing something out front.

The next day, we found  ANOTHER DAWG!!! This one!

Oh, boy! Hank is not the big job now.This guy doesn’t walk with us. He doesn’t tug-o-war. He doesn’t chase chipmunks in the woods. He doesn’t dig.

And he doesn’t have a name. What should we call him?

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