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Rufus: Just Saying: Monkey Cats!

Rufus: Just Saying: Monkey Cats
2 April 2017

I have been very busy. Outside and observing the Monkey Cats. DadPeople wants me to make friends with the new cats and go upstairs and hang with them. But that would mean I’d have to let them downstairs on my couch, and my chair, and in my crate with the new pillow, and they’d eat my food and drink my water, and change the TV channel away from Dog TV… NO.

And another reason I’d rather bark at them when I’m on the deck and I see them inside or in the screened porch: they really are Monkey Cats. Monkey Cats climb all over stuff, and knock it down, and break it, and I am NOT taking the blame. The littlest one is the worse. Everybody thinks Tuck Tuck is so cute!  HAH!

Look what Tuck Tuck and her brother Ratchett did to the Donkey footrest! They killed it! 

This is how the MonkeyCat part got started. They learned to climb the cool scratchy pole ProfessorDaughterPeople gave them for Christmas. That’s Tuck Tuck, top Monkey Cat, on top. 

And now they’…

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