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Rufus: Just Saying: Search for Fire in a Book!!!

Rufus has granted me his blog again. He’s so busy! Search for Fire By Ally Shields Oh, Boy! It’s winter, and Rufus and Hank are busy playing outside. They love snow and cold! But I need a good book to curl up by the fireplace in our new home. Presto! Ally Shields’ newest Search for Fire (Guardian Witch Legacy Book 2 ) is OUT!!! YES!!! I have mine, and I’m ready to curl up, but first let’s talk to Ally. Kath: Ally, I know you run Coffee Chats on your author website so I’d like to offer you a hot cup of coffee. I have some nice Peets, Major Dickason. Sound good? Would you like one of these fancy creamers? OOH! What about some hot chocolate with a zillion little marshmallows? Ally: None of those foo-foo creamers for me, but I love coffee black. Although the hot chocolate is tempting. :) Kath: Let’s take our drinks over to the fireplace. Hold on, I’ll remove the cats. Okay. Let’s talk about the Guardian Witch Legacy series. How did you come to

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