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Rufus: Just Saying: No Hunters

Rufus: Just Saying: Not Hunters
12 December 2017

I’m a hound. An American Fox Hound. I’m a hunter. I go outside and sniff and hunt all the critters who live in our yard. And now that Hank is my brother, I have to teach him to hunt.

Big  Fail.  Hank follows me around and sniffs really well. I did teach him that. But Hunting?

Sniffing is not all there is to hunting.You have to bay. He only barks to go OUT.

You have to chase things. Not make friends with them. And that’s the problem.

Okay. I give up, he doesn’t have to chase the deer. But could he just not embarrass me?

Just walk on by, Hank. Don’t stop.

Don’t stop. Don’t go over  …   ARGH!

I was so embarrassed. I couldn’t even look at them.

Just Saying: Rufus

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