Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Rufus: Just Saying: Spelling Phooey and Poppy Puppies

Rufus: Just Saying: Spelling Phooey and Poppy Puppies
10 May 2016 

I am going to write a book even if I can’t spell. NikkiCat can help. From the yelling from MomPeople’s office, and the way NikkiCat runs out of the office, I’m pretty sure NikkiCat spends a lot of time typing on the computer keys.

‘Course it might be harder to write a book since I can’t spell. BUT 

My MomPeople wrote a book about dragons. And she can’t spell! Her editor changed her book title to The Lazy Dragon and the Bumblespells Wizard. Seems MomPeople spelled dragon - dr’gon. Wrong! Except MomPeople said it was right in Dr’gon Language. I’m suspicious. I heard in the eighth grade MomPeople crashed and burned in the school spelling bee on a really easy word. So if she can’t spell, and I can’t spell, and she can write a book, so can I. 

I think I’ll write about DadPeople and  my gardening. We made a new patio. DadPeople put down  the pavers, and I did not dig up all the new grass. 

He planted flowers in pots, and I did not eat them, yet.   

I like the flowers, but the Puppies are my favorite. DadPeople said these are poppies. But since my People don’t seem to be real good at spelling, I think he got that wrong.

Look how furry the baby flowers are? Don’t you think these are puppies? 

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Friday, April 22, 2016

Rufus: Just Saying: Being Ignored!

Rufus: Just Saying: Being Ignored!
22 April 2016

I work very hard barking at chipmunkers, chasing fuzzy-squirrels, drinking birdbath water. 

I even guard the fire hydrant to make sure no one steals the water, like the other dawgs who walk in my neighborhood. 

And I was trying to help DadPeople between all that work! But he told me not to eat the string he had around the garden and to go play with my toys. Hrumph! He needed my digger-talents! First he got sand, then he dug holes and put on these pavers. I tried to help. Okay, maybe I helped by digging up some plants and lying on the irises. But I think he goofed. See. All those pavers are square! Holes should be round, ‘cause round stuff like chipmunkers run in them. I don’t know what kind of critters are in those holes, under those pavers!  

Worse than the square holes, is MomPeople. She is not paying proper attention to NikkiCat and me. The Fed Ex guy came with a box for her, and I barked at him real good. But the box had zero bologna in it!!!! It just had these bookmarks for her book.  

And when I wanted her to write about me guarding and digging, she was too busy!!! Her book isn’t even coming out until October, but she’s all busy with her author site
(kathboydmarshauthor.com) and dancing around about her book. That is so wrong!! 

I did not promise not to walk on the new grass seed between those stupid pavers. So there! 

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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Rufus: Just Saying: Dawgs do Not Cause Gray Hairs

Rufus: Just Saying: Dawgs do Not Cause Gray Hairs
6 April 2016
NikkiCat says dawgs cause gray hairs. He made it up.  People gray hairs has to do with paint. 

My People decided to paint the dining room and foyer. (The foyer is how you get in the house if NikkiCat is not standing at the front door threatening you with evil cat-looks.) 

Anyway, MomPeople and DadPeople painted with gray paint. Seems MomPeople is better at getting paint on herself than getting it on the wall. And since she’s short, and the walls and ceiling are tall—she ended up with a lot of gray paint on top of her head, in her hair. I heard DadPeople talk about it. 

I’m not as tall as MomPeople, so I’m not volunteering for when they paint the bedroom.
Nikki stalking through the new gray rooms that match the gray hairs on MomPeople’s head. 

NikkiCat made it up about Dawgs causing gray hairs. I wonder if what he said about steak bits being bad for dawgs is true?  

Me in my coat to keep off random paint from MomPeople. 


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Friday, March 18, 2016

Rufus: Just saying: Daffy-dills

Rufus: Just Saying: Daffy-dills
18 March 2016

My DadPeople had a Her-nee-i-ah operation this week. Since he cant play,  I went on Spring Break at Mr. Moberly's kennels. I'm playing with Rudy and Gus. They are my pals. I miss my next door neighborDawgs Harley and Buster, but I'm coming home this afternoon.

Meanwhile I let MomPeople write this blog. According to DadPeople she's been taking a lot of flower pictures!!! It's supposed to snow tomorrow, but there are flowers in my woods!

So what kind of daffy flowers bloom when it's about to snow?

Here are some of our Daffy-Dills.

I can hardly wait to see them. Give them a good sniff and water them. 

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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Rufus: Just Saying: Elves are Better than Cookies!

Rufus: Just Saying: Elves are Better than Cookies! 
2 March 2016

I am going on vacation to go play with Rudy while DadPeople has an Co-long-ah-soppy. I’m not sure what that is, but MomPeople keeps laughing about whose turn it is to be filled with gas and  have their innards on TV. I’m not sure I want to be next, even if I get a plain hamburger if I’m good after we go to the Vet’s. 

So I’m letting MomPeople write my blog for this week. MomPeople and I have this discussion about elves. I say they are just like the little chubby guys on TV who sell cookies. Which I would like to taste, except for the chocolate ones. But MomPeople gasped and said I was missing the best elves. The really tough ones. Ones who… well, I’ll let MomPeople interview her AuthorPeople friend who writes all about elves- Ally Shields (more importantly AllyPeople is Ranger’s People. Ranger is a very tough little dawg-dude in Iowa.) .

Kath: Good Morning, Ally. I understand you have coffee chats with your author friends. Since this is Rufus’ blog, I’m afraid all I can offer are dog cookies. Rufus recommends Ranger try the peanut butter cookies. 

Ally: Oh-oh, look at Ranger's ears perk up. He loves peanut butter!

Kath: To get down to our questions, Rufus thinks all elves are like cookie elves. I am going to read him your Elvenrude series to prove to him how exciting non-cookie elves are. But would you please tell him a little about your elves?  
Ally:  Sorry, Rufus, my elves don't make cookies for people or dogs. They aren't even little people. Think more like the elves from Tolkien's Lord of the Rings set into contemporary times. The main character, Kameo Ryndel, is a member of the dark-haired aristocracy in her pastoral, home world of Elvenrude. She lives in a magnificent tree house, has trained as a warrior, carries a crossbow, and is a lieutenant in the King's Guard. Her family owns one of the two major trade guilds who buy and sell goods with the human world via a magic dimensional portal.
The working class in Elvenrude is a pale-haired race of elves descended from the ancient moon elves, and they are not allowed to visit the human world for fear they'll inadvertently reveal that elves exist. 
When Kam goes through the portal to the streets of New Orleans looking for adventure, she witnesses the murder of a pale-haired elf—who shouldn't be there—and the excitement begins. 

Kath:Your first series, The Guardian Witch, deals with witches, vampires, were-creatures. Elves seem like a huge change. What made you decide to write about elves?

Ally: Count me a huge Legolas fan. :) Seriously, that might be part of it, but vampires had been so over-written I wanted to try something different. I created Kam in my head, then started playing "what if" with the idea of two worlds, one totally ignorant of the other. I imagined what it would take to keep humans from discovering elves were living among them, how a dimensional portal would work, and the story took on a life of its own from there.

Kath: The Guardian Witch series is full of mystery, magic, and romance. How about the Elvenrude trilogy?  

Ally: Oh, of course! I write what I love to read, and if I've succeeded, the reader will find love, betrayal, and intrigue in every chapter. Each book I've written—in both series and the new book releasing soon—is built around a mystery framework with a strong romantic line.

Kath: Do the Elvenrude adventures happen at the same I-can’t-put-this-book-down quite-yet speed? 

Ally:  Only the reader can make the final call on that, but I try to keep the pace interesting. I believe in the often-cited rule that everything in your book should propel the story forward.

Kath: Your Elvenrude stories are based both in Elvenrude and New Orleans. What made you choose NOLA? 

Ally: I love New Orleans. It gets under your skin the moment you set foot in the historic French Quarter. Although I've only visited a few times, it's like coming home. What a grand city, filled with history and intrigue…and something you can't quite pinpoint. I can't think of a better setting for the paranormal. If magical or ghostly creatures are going to live anywhere in this world, it would definitely be in New Orleans.

Kath: If Ranger and Rufus went to New Orleans, do you think they’d be able to sniff out where the Elven portals are?

Ally: Good question, but I doubt if they'd be allowed near the wharfs, and I hope they wouldn't be exploring the swamps (where another portal is hidden). Those gators mean business. It's probably a good thing Kam hasn't had any close encounters with dogs. They're very sensitive and would most likely realize she wasn't human!

Kath: How do elves feel about dawgs? 

Ally: The problem might be on the dogs side. Elves love nature and wildlife, so I think they'd be fine with dogs. Besides, I created them, and I love dogs. My miniature pinscher Ranger is my constant companion, and before him came Neisha, Niki, Toby, Lucky, Colonel Jim…

Kath: I told Rufus that you were starting a new series now that the Elvenrude trilogy has wrapped up. Could you tell us about that one? 

Ally: The title of book one is a dead giveaway (no pun intended). Ghost Walking (A Maggie York Paranormal Mystery) is set in—you guessed it—New Orleans. 
Maggie is a homicide detective who was shot in the line of duty, coded, and revived in the ER. But she came back different, seeing and hearing things she shouldn't. The department placed her on medical leave due to PTSD, but Maggie knows the truth is even worse, and she won't recover from her gift. Determined to confront her would-be killer, she sets out to track him down. On a trail strewn with bodies and betrayal, she picks up an angry ghost wanting his own murder solved, and a detective who may want to date her if he can prove she isn't a serial killer.
Ghost Walking is currently in edit and should release as an ebook in a couple of months. While I don't have a cover yet, I've attached a picture of Maggie as I envisioned her during the writing phase.

Kath: Ghosts? Uh oh!  I think Rufus is going to need extra treats! 
Thank you, Ally. We have some exciting books on our list now! 

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Friday, February 19, 2016

Rufus:Just Saying: Sydney the Swimmer

Rufus:Just Saying: Sydney the Swimmer
19 February 2016

I am not a water dawg. Until I watched my good friend Sydney swim in the pond, I never even thought about getting close to the water.  But Sydney swims all the time at the pond. And if Sydney does it, I had to try. So one day last summer after it rained and rained, I checked out this big puddle in the fields. 

My People were very impressed. I stuck with wading. I am not a swimmer. 
But my friend Sydney is The Super Swimmer!!! Yesterday, when there was still ice on the pond, she got right in and swam across the little lagoon to her MomPeople and My MomPeople!  

 I had to go around the lagoon and across the bridge.  Sydney is VERY brave!  There’s a lake monster in the water that nips dawg toes! I think my MomPeople called it a Snapping Turtle!  

I had a lot of questions for Sydney about swimming. Like who taught her how? How long has she been a swimmer? Will she try out for the USA Dawg Olympic Swimming Team? How will she train for that? Will it involve diving in and fetching fish, like she did one day? Although her MomPeople is not so sure that fish was actually swimming in the water when Sydney found it. It was kind of frozen stiff. Sydney tried to take it home in the car, but her MomPeople made her leave it at the park. MyPeople wouldn’t let me take it home either.

Maybe Sydney’s MomPeople will throw her special Sydeny tennis ball for Sydney to swim to.  
Sydney does not give interviews. So I’ll have to watch her and report what I find out. 
She did answer one question. The most important one! 

Who is your favorite dawg to walk with at the pond. ;) 

Her MomPeople said, “She replied with a major wag…..RRRRRRRRRRRRUFFFFFFF-us!”   


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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Rufus: Just Saying: Still Hunting the Yeti!

Rufus: Just Saying: Still Hunting the Yeti!
4 February 2016 

I showed you the Yeti horns I found on a walk with the Mom and DadPeople. 
I’m going to find that Yeti even if DadPeople says I’m wrong. I started in the house with NikkiCat. Cats are very suspicious. They could be Yetis. But NikkiCat never goes to the fields where I found the antler, so I guess this is not his. Rats! 

So I went outside and looked very hard. I looked at this red ball hanging off a tree in the front yard. I don’t think it’s a Yeti, but I am very suspicious of the figure reflected in it! 

I looked at these guys very hard, but their heads are too small for the Yeti Antler. And they flew away, so I couldn’t even ask if they’d seen the Yeti. Hmmm. 

Sometimes you have to track scat to find your prey. I checked this out, but it turned out to be a giant marshmallow. Which turns out to Not be Yeti scat. 

Then there was this guy. Harley and Buster, my neigborDawgfriends, and I peed on him in case. Was he hiding antlers under the gloves? But he disappeared when the snow melted. Maybe he ran away? 

I’ll keep looking. 

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