Friday, November 21, 2014

Rufus: Just Saying: Cat Lady Cool

Rufus: Just Saying: Cat Lady Cool
21 November 2014  

Guest blogger: NikkiCat

Hello. I’m NikkiCat, Rufus’s housemate. The MomSerf is still Nano-ing, and Rufus completely lost it when it turned COLD, and we got  a dusting of snow this week. He’s a dog on the run, chasing everything and barking at who knows what. So busy, that he asked me to Guest Blog. 
Frozen Fountain Turtle. Baby it’s COLD! 

So to start I’ve done a little redesign: a new more accurate photo of Rufus. (Dogs are so vain!) And of course, I’ve added my blogger photo. (Yes. I knew that hidden camera was there. You’ll note I gave it my best inscrutable look. )

So for today’s exceptional blog, I am visiting the blessings of being a Cat Lady. MomSerf was reading this article on ( )while I supervised her computer usage. (She was supposed to be Nano-writing, and it cost her five dehydrated chicken treats to keep me quiet about her playing hooky.) 

 Needless to say, serfs/people do not get everything right. But I do. So here’s the real deal on why being a Cat Lady is very Cool. 

While the article mentioned wearing Fancy People Clothes with cat images on them, let’s be realistic. There is nothing more cool than having a cat in your arms. No embroidered cat faces, just the real thing. If your cat has better things to do, probably, the cat fur on your black shirt will have to do. Since every cat leaves different fur, you serfs have instant Designer Cat clothing. 

Fancy Cat Home Design. Okay, so you people/serfs may supply fancy litter boxes and shelving, scratch toys, etc., but it’s not necessary. What says Designer Cat Home better than chairs with pillows and blankets soft enough for a cat to curl up in, or the requisite cat fur of approval on same chairs? Add dining chairs deep enough that a Cat can sit behind a self and get his fair share of the goodies. And of course if you’re a writer-serf,  supple a desk cleared of enough of that paper stuff (that perpetually needs shuffling and pushing off,) so that a Cat can repose and fulfill Muse duties. 

Cats are cool because celebrities love us? Really? That’s come kind of people joke, right? It's the other way around, and besides No One is more famous than Garfield, or Morris, or me. 

Hero Cats. Well, duh. Who are you going to believe if the house is on fire? The dawg who barks if a chipmunk farts outside the window, or the Cat? Yeah. I thought so. If I give you a paw to the nose and yowl at you, grab me and run. The dawg has a key to the back door. Trust me, he’ll find his way out. 

Big head butts and side rubs, 

[All photos used in are the sole property of Kath Marsh. Not to be reprinted. ]

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Rufus: Just Saying: Peanut Butter Month!

Rufus: Just Saying: Peanut Butter Month!
13 November 2014

I LOVE Peanut Butter! 
(The Mom People is still doing NaNoWriMo, so I’m still stepping in to do her blog. Work work work. It took her a while this week to transcribe my notes. A lot of grumping on her part about how sticky the notes were.  Well, lack of peanut butter in the Mom People and a bit too much on my notes will do that.) 

Okay! PEANUT BUTTER!! I LOVE peanut butter as much as I love Snow. Or more. Or the same. Or more. Or … It’s National Peanut Butter Lover’s Month! Is there a better month in the whole year? 

Anyway. The Dad People made me ‘cookies’ with peanut butter and oatmeal. They were pretty good. Not as good as the ones from the grocery store, but I LOVE peanut butter. Then Dad People made cookies with peanut butter and pumpkin. Sometimes you have to draw a line on the healthy stuff. Those went to the raccoons who will, trust me, eat anything. 

One of the best things Dad People makes is ‘pupsicles’. He freezes peanut butter glops, apple chunks, and broth (chicken is best) in ice cube trays. YUM! Like yellow snow chunks with peanut butter inside. Mom People says I have the wrong idea about what ‘yellow snow’ is. Huh?

On the computer I saw a whole article about how good peanut butter is, even for People. 

The Dad and Mom People should eat more peanut butter. Since the Mom People couldn’t find her iPod for a week, (it was in the backseat of The Dude with me the whole time) I think she needs extra peanut butter. Peanut butter helps with memory impairment. Eat more Peanut Butter! I remember everything. Like there are peanut butter ‘cookies’ in the Mom People’s big tote bag where she keeps my water bottle. It’s at her feet in my van, The Dude. She forgets to give me a ‘cookie’ after our walks at the pond if I don’t remind her. (More peanut butter for you, Mom People.) 

The Mom People and I are on diets. Which means I only get half ‘cookies.’ Grrrr. But she “counts every calorie.” (A calorie is something that makes People grumpy and is on People food.) She should eat peanut butter because it suppresses hunger. Then because she won’t be eating so much, she won’t be messing with those #$$% calories, and she wont’ be grumpy, AND she’ll give me whole peanut butter cookies. Sound like a plan?  

The Dad People had heart surgery last December, so I’m really happy he likes peanut butter so much. It’s good for hearts! 

Peanut butter supposedly reduces colon cancer in women People. I’m not sure what a colon cancer is, but any good reason. The Mom People said it has something to do with my morning Sun Salutation. 

Anyway. The Mom People is talking about new landscaping. I can dig up the old plants, no problem. And then I think we should plant peanuts. You can grow enough peanuts for 30,000 sandwiches on One Acre! How many ‘cookies’ is that? 

Rufus: Peanut Butter fan 

Sun Salutation 

[All photos used in are the sole property of Kath Marsh. Not to be reprinted. ]

Friday, November 7, 2014

Is Your EReader on Fire? Wild Fire?

Is Your EReader on Fire? Wild Fire
I’m always excited to post a blog about Ally Shields’ fantastic paranormal novels! Just last month Ally released the first in a whole new paranormal series, Cross Keys. NOW!!! The sixth entry in the Guardian Witch series, Wild Fire, is OUT!!! If you love a strong female heroine, a tender romance, and a rip-roaring paranormal adventure, read all of the Guardian Witch series! And this time my blog has a clue to a prize! 

 Wild Fire Release Blog Party 
and Settings Hunt

Thank you so much for being part of the  release party and giveaway for the sixth book in my Guardian Witch series!
 (See contest details at the bottom.)

Book Blurb: 

A vision. A lost talisman. A dangerous journey through time...

A month after their bonding, Ari and Andreas are still adjusting to married life when they learn the hard way that the O-Seven, the terrifying and brutal vampire elders, still have them in their sights. A three million dollar bounty hangs over each of their heads, and there’s no lack of assassins eager to collect. 

When the local seer has a terrifying vision of the destruction of Riverdale, it’s up to Ari—as usual—to keep everyone safe. Only this time, an enemy from the past has bound her fire powers, and the city’s string of arsons seems connected. 

Daron, the vampire prince in Toronto, has information that two of the vampire elders are on their way to Riverdale. Which can’t be good. Only a risky and unprecedented journey through time can provide the help they need. But that will leave Andreas to face the O-Seven alone...

Buy Links: 

Book Trailer on Youtube:

The tracks in the snow gradually moved up the slope toward the older parts of Riverdale, out of the tourist district, past residential homes, angling toward the cliff area that overlooked the Mississippi River. Then it took a sharp swing north.

Ari looked ahead, her gaze following the tracks through the gate and into the Riverdale Cemetery. "I don't like this." She came to a stop with one hand on the gate. "Don't you think the trail is a bit too obvious? As if he wanted us to follow him?" Her eyes scanned the cemetery grounds for anything unusual, a shadow, a hint of color out of place among the stones and crypts. The only sizable tracks went behind a tall mausoleum.

"A trap?" Ryan drew his pistol. "Do you sense something?"

"Maybe. But there is a lot of magical interference in graveyards." Ari frowned. She sensed a flicker of Otherworld power, but it didn't feel right. Shielded? Would a halfling demon be that good? She eased through the gate; Ryan followed close behind. Her magic stirred, raising the hairs on her arms, and she stopped, extending her witch senses to probe the area around them—tasting, smelling, touching the environment. Her magic roared to life.

"Back!" she shouted. "Power. And lots of it."

Two gigantic figures leaped from the top of the nearest crypt. A howling rent the quiet of the cemetery. By the time the creatures landed—one in front of Ari and Ryan, and the other cutting them off from the gate—both had morphed into fiery red, eight-foot demons, their eyes deep black holes. Each carried a metal shield and swung a five-foot mace.

"Hellsgate warriors!" Ari crouched, raising her fingers to call the witch fire to her command.

Author Bio:

Ally Shields was born and raised in the Midwest, along the Mississippi River, and considers herself a "river rat." The setting and folklore of that area are often incorporated into her Guardian Witch series. After  a career in law and juvenile justice, she turned to full-time writing in 2009. She loves writing, reading and traveling. Way too often she can be found on Twitter. @ShieldsAlly

Author Contacts:

Other books in the series: 
Awakening the Fire (#1); Fire Within (#2); Burning Both Ends (#3); 
Blood and Fire (#4); Fire Storm (#5).

Coming Soon: 
Eternal Fires (Guardian Witch #7) (TBA)

Also by Ally Shields:

Cross Keys, an Elvenrude novel (October 2014)

Blog Tour GIVEAWAY: Nov. 7-10:  Readers and writers always talk about characters in books, but settings are almost as important, and they play a huge role in the Guardian Witch series. Wild Fire is no exception, and this blog tour is revealing several settings that are the backdrop for major events in the book. In fact, I think they're so important that I'm running a special contest.

If you collect the names and numbers of all ten settings, you could win your choice of three ebooks in the series (including this latest release) or a $15.00 Amazon gift certificate. It's easy to do. Here are the rules. 

Visit the blogs on this list -- or enough to collect all ten settings -- then email me at by 9:00 a.m. EST, Monday, November 10, 2014  with your completed list. You will automatically be entered in the random drawing (two winners). 

NOTE: A setting may appear on more than one blog, so be sure you have 10 different settings before turning in your entry.

Here is the list of participating blogs*:
(*If you can't find any of the posts, return to for updated links.)

Now for the setting: #7
 Setting #7:  Ruins in Italy - These ruins have not been previously mentioned. Wild Fire readers will quickly realize why I chose to include them. :) 

Good luck! Thanks for  joining Wild Fire's release celebration!
More Fun: Those of you who are reading this before 6:00 - 10:00 p.m. EST on November 7, are invited to join us at the official Facebook release party ( for games and prizes, including books, swag and more gift certificates!!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Rufus: Just Saying- Cat Myths

Rufus: Just Saying- Cat Myths 
2 November 2014

The Mom People is busy doing something called NaNoWriMo ( , so I volunteered to write a completely impartial assessment of CATS! 

I live with one. Sort of. The CAT, aka NikkiCat, lives upstairs, and I live downstairs in the Man Cave with The Dad People. While I’m really curious about all the “NO!” stuff upstairs, I like The Dad People and my space. We have the biggest TV, with plenty of sports always on. I have my food, cookies, toys, sleeping crate, the couch that the Dad People and I watch TV from. The chair I’m not supposed to chew on. Our Stuff. 

The CAT lives upstairs in NO! Land, where you’re not allowed to get on the furniture, pee on anything, hide your chewed up toys, and the TV only has sports on it sometimes. And most importantly the peanut butter cookies do not live upstairs. 

I can see The CAT when I go up the stairs and peer through the french door. And he can see me. He walks back and forth and gives me that , HAH! look. And of COURSE I bark at him. The Dad People shouldn’t get upset at ME! The CAT started it. 

This morning I saw this article 10 Cat Behavior Myths That Cause Problems, at Myths? Not hardly.

1. Cats are solitary animals and like to be home alone.
Not a myth. Sorry, article people, they do like alone time, a lot. How else can they sneak in the chipmunks they catch? And the other nefarious things I KNOW The CAT is doing. 

2. Cat litterbox issues are always a behavior problem and can‘t be fixed.
What’s a litter box? 

3. Cats scratch because they are mean.
Well, duh. 

4. Cats will suck the life out of a newborn baby.
Yuck! Pretty sure that’s true. Just look at the sneaky way The CAT pads around. I know he’s up to stuff. 

5. Cats never need special playtime — they entertain themselves.
Figures. Probably why the TV upstairs is never on sports. The CAT is watching HGTV or doing something BAD that I’ll probably get blamed for. 
Like this. The Mom People took this photo of a neighbor cat sneaking up from behind to  steal the patrol car!  Notice the cat’s camouflage, white and black to look like sky and shadows! 

Cat Burglar! (sneaking through the grass behind the car!)
6. Cats never get along with other cats.
I don’t buy this one. I think The CAT would love to recruit a whole pride to take over the house and eat my cookies. Of course there is the neighbor cat The CAT gets all wound up about. Chases off. Hmmm. Maybe I need to make friends with that cat.

7. Cats who claw furniture have behavior issues.
Well, it isn’t me. I’m downstairs behaving myself, mostly. So, duh! 

8. Cats always freak out at the vet‘s office, and there is nothing you can do.
Well, obvious solution. Take The CAT to the Vet’s daily. :) 

9. Kittens and cats raise themselves and don‘t need training.
Just like Satan. 

10. Cat meows don‘t mean anything and can be ignored.
Oh, boy. No WAY! I know exactly what The CAT is saying when he goes OWT and sits outside my sliding glass door. He’s mocking me! It’s his fault I bark back. The Dad People should get over to the door faster and see. It’s not my fault. If someone called you a fleabag who couldn’t catch a chipmunk if it was already dead… You’d bark too. 

Rufus: Just saying. And very excited that we had a bit of snow yesterday out where The People and I walk each morning! I LOVE SNOW! 

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Rufus’ View: Living with The People

 Rufus’ View:  Living with The People
25 October 2014

A year ago I found The People, my family. Before I adopted them, I lived in a pack of Hunting Dogs, not inside with humans. I didn’t have a lot of rules. Boy are there a lot of rules now. 

Did you know you are NOT supposed to poop on The Mom People’s dining room rug? Trust me. That’s a big NO!!! That causes The Mom People to get more than high-pitched. Hurts the ears. 

Similarly you are NOT supposed to pee on furniture, walls, and doorways in the Man Cave and downstairs basement The Dad People and I hang out in. Who knew? 

Things to NOT Chew: pillows and blankets in the sleeping crate; pillows on the couch; shoes by the back door; fishing equipment; furniture. 
Pillow #3- down to brown stuffing.

When I finished pillow number three, The Mom People bought painter’s cloth at the hardware store and sewed up two new pillows stuffing them with all the bits I worked so hard to shred. Pretty good. 

But still, Chewing stuff, except TOYS, is one of those NO’s. 

TOYS! I had never seen a ‘toy’ before The People. Balls, frisbees, chewy Nyla bones, squeaky toys, balls that hold ‘cookies’. COOKIES!!! Where were you all my life? I LOVE COOKIES!

Who knew there could be too many cookies? Last week Dr. S., the veterinarian, said I needed to lose weight. I’d done a Very good job of putting on weight in the last year, putting on thirty pounds. Dr. S. said ten pounds needed to come off, so just give me half-cookies. I’m a Big Fan of food. Half as many cookies is sad, but at least the cookies are still coming. 

Dr. S. didn’t say anything about ‘pupsicles’. Whew! The Dad People freezes broth, apple chunks, and peanut butter in ice cube trays. The ‘pupsicles’ live in the garage freezer. I LOVE the garage refrigerator! 

There has been a lot to learn with The People. Like I said, toys were Big News! I’m still not sure about balls, unless they have treats stuffed inside, or are those light ones with the big holes that are so good to chew. But Frisbees! Come on!!! At first I thought The People were just crazy throwing that disc and then running after it, throwing it, running… But one day at the dog park, I watched a Jack Russell in the Small Dogs pasture chase after, catch, and run back to his People with a frisbee. He was having FUN! 

So I went over to the frisbee in the Big Dogs pasture and picked it up. The Dad People threw it, and I chased it. Not to spoil him too much, I ran back with it, but not to him. I passed him so he would work with me on giving it back to him in our backyard. Throwing then me running, catching, bringing back. When I’ve worn The Dad People out, I tuck the frisbee behind the pampas grass. And we go “In” for cookies, cookie, half cookie. YUM!


Sunday, October 19, 2014

Rufus Tale: Pack Dieting

Rufus Tale: Pack Dieting
19 October 2014

Rufus, skin and bones-boy a year ago when he found and adopted us, is fluffy chubby-boy now. He has ten pounds to lose. The vet said so. Sigh. I wish I only had ten pounds to lose.  A year ago I was doing okay on my weight, but like Rufus, a year later, I’m fluffy. Again. I have 27 pounds to lose. Double-Sigh. 

So The Prince Consort decided we would all diet. The whole pack. (Except NikkiCat who gave us that look that says, “You have to sleep sometime. Do you really want to make me angry?” 

Here’s the thing. Just like TPC, who is barely fluffy and losing something like three pounds a week just by cutting the size of his dessert, the only thing Rufus has done is cut the ‘cookie-treats’ to half a cookie per reward instead of a whole cookie. REALLY? And he’s slimming down just like TPC. REALLY? 

I’m counting every blasted calorie. Measuring every bite. Drooling on TPC’s baked chips. Volunteering to handle all the after dinner clean-up so that I don’t have to watch TPC have a small dessert while I stare into a cup of unsweetened Chai tea. (Which is truthfully quite good.) 

Males!! It’s easy for them!!! 

Now part of the tribe-de-fluffing is brisk walks each morning, out at the county park pond. This past week it rained almost every day, but rain or shine we got in the car and headed for The Walk. The day the wind was driving the rain sideways, Rufus backed away from the open van door and gave us the Look-  “WHAT? GET OUT?  IN THIS? NO!”. 

 Rufus a bit too close to WATER!
TPC and I had to stand in the rain, then go back to the car to fetch him, before Rufus would get out. He sped to the covered picnic pavilion. Rufus was good with just standing under cover. Apparently he was willing to cross his legs until it was sunny. (Or pee and poop under the pavilion. Not an option.)  Of course we went  out and stood in the rain, until he decided to give it a try. Rufus loves snow, but he is NOT a water dog. 

Two days later, raining again as we drove to the pond, Rufus, who usually sits up and watches everything, lay on the back seat. He was planning  But his no-walk-in-the-rain plans fell apart when we pulled into the parking lot. The Whippet was politely waiting in the rain for her masters to catch up and open the car for the ride home.

Change of plans. Males are males. Rufus was not about to let the Whippet show him up. He wasn’t thrilled, but he hopped out in the rain, and we got our walk. 

Did I lose pounds and pounds this  past week from all the walking in inclement weather. NO. 

Did TPC and Rufus. You guess. Unfair. ARGH!!! 


Wednesday, October 8, 2014


8 October 2014

 Having eaten most everything within reach starting on the day The Prince Consort had heart surgery almost a year ago, I'm back on the diet and exercise wagon. In honor of that I've been invited to blog on Connie Fleming's blog, The Acceptable Sin, today. 

In my post, “Monster galaxies gain weight by eating smaller neighbors”, I share my favorite health and diet app. So far I've lost about six pounds. 

Take a peek?

Kath who is sticking to her diet and Not eyeing NikkiCat's kibble, so far.