Thursday, February 4, 2016

Rufus: Just Saying: Still Hunting the Yeti!

Rufus: Just Saying: Still Hunting the Yeti!
4 February 2016 

I showed you the Yeti horns I found on a walk with the Mom and DadPeople. 
I’m going to find that Yeti even if DadPeople says I’m wrong. I started in the house with NikkiCat. Cats are very suspicious. They could be Yetis. But NikkiCat never goes to the fields where I found the antler, so I guess this is not his. Rats! 

So I went outside and looked very hard. I looked at this red ball hanging off a tree in the front yard. I don’t think it’s a Yeti, but I am very suspicious of the figure reflected in it! 

I looked at these guys very hard, but their heads are too small for the Yeti Antler. And they flew away, so I couldn’t even ask if they’d seen the Yeti. Hmmm. 

Sometimes you have to track scat to find your prey. I checked this out, but it turned out to be a giant marshmallow. Which turns out to Not be Yeti scat. 

Then there was this guy. Harley and Buster, my neigborDawgfriends, and I peed on him in case. Was he hiding antlers under the gloves? But he disappeared when the snow melted. Maybe he ran away? 

I’ll keep looking. 

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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Rufus: Just Saying: SNOW!!!

Rufus: Just Saying: SNOW!!!  
21 January 2016

My favorite time of year is Snow! Snowtime in the Blue Grass of Kentucky can be all winter or none at all. This year I had to wait until yesterday. But it’s here! 

For some reason Mom and DadPeople shovel the snow off the driveway. 

Luckily it snowed again all over so we had Fun! 

I am flying Dawg when we play with my red-buoy in the snow! 

We went across the street to walk this morning. I had to check the woods for Yetis. I’m pretty sure they like winter best. 

When it was time to go home, I looked at the sky very hard. 
 I heard there’ll be Lots more snow tomorrow!!!



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Friday, January 15, 2016

Rufus: Just Saying: I Don't Get It

Rufus: Just Saying: I Don't Get It 
15 January 2016 

Sometimes living with MyPeople is a puzzle.

We had SNOW!  I love snow. MomPeople took these photos of DadPeople in the snow. 
She calls this  - Snowman. 

They think it’s really funny that they say the second photo is titled Snowman Melted!
 I don’t get it. 

I am a very good hunter. I found this Yeti antler when MyPeople and I were walking the other morning. I know it’s a Yeti antler from the TV shows MyPeople and their DaughterPeople and her SpecialPeople were watching at Christmas time. DadPeople says it’s not a Yeti antler. 
It was a joke, DadPeople. He didn’t get it. 

MomPeople won this robot. MyPeople are very excited about it. It’s bite-sized, but it moves fast and doesn’t smell like food. Can’t hunt it; can’t eat it. NikkiCat says it’s just annoying. Apparently it bumped into him where he was napping on the black rug where he thinks his black fur makes him invisible. The little robot goes on ‘patrol’ all by itself. It knocked its head off going under the secretary. 
I don’t get it.


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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Rufus: Just Saying: Turkeymas!

Rufus: Just Saying: Turkeymas!
7 January 2016 

I’ve been very busy. VERY! Mom and DadPeople’s DaughterPeople and her SpecialPeople, came to visit. They are very cool. 

They brought me a new toy! And they gave DadPeople a certificate for a Bark Box. The MailPeople brought it after DaughterPeople and her SpecialPeople  had gone home. And it was full of STUFF!!! 

MomPeople took a photo to show DaughterPeople and her SpecialPeople what was in the box, but the chewy jerky and the box were missing from the photo. I’d already eaten them. That’s what MomPeople said. I was just helping DadPeople open the box and attacking it in case there was something ‘bad’ in there. :)  

MomPeople put the new toys away for later, “after he wears out his other toys.” I can hardly wait to get that pizza! 

And then the best part of Turkeymas. Turkey dinner!!! Turkey is my new favorite, right up there with bologna! Because DadPeople cooked a BIG Turkey, we have lots of leftovers! Leftovers are the best! I Love Leftovers!

But guess what I found out! Those turkeys who come eat the corn MomPeople spreads out in the front woods are Turkey dinners with feathers on. DadPeople says not to  chase them, but … TURKEY DINNER!!! 


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Monday, December 21, 2015

Rufus: Just Saying: Angels in my fields, and in Appalachia.

Rufus: Just Saying: Angels in my fields,  and in Appalachia. 
21 December 2015

Walking in the fields is different every time. Some days are sunny, and I can sniff and run through dry grasses. Some days after rain, there are lots of changed smells to check out and grasses to lick.  

And then there are the part fog/ part sun days when when we get fog bows. I’ve chased to the end of those fogbows, I thought. But fogbows move. 

But guess what I saw this time!  Angels. Here’s DadPeople with his halo. Just in front of him   

Here’s MomPeople with her halo all around her shadow. 

They’re my angels, and they say NikkiCat and I are theirs. 

At this time of year, when I’m especially grateful for angels, I want to tell you about some people MyPeople call angels.  Here in Kentucky, The Trixie Foundation ( PO Box 1, Webbville, KY 41180) helps “the unwanted, abused, and abandoned animals from throughout Appalachia!” They don’t have much. The Trixie Foundation isn’t a fancy place, but the HSUS visited them this year and were proud of all they do with what they have. 

This year The Trixie Foundation not only rescued many animals, but they rescued two People. The People needed jobs. They couldn’t afford a place to stay that would take their dogs. So the People camped out to care for their dogs. They gave up warm shelter so they didn’t have to abandon their dogs. The Trixie Foundation needed helpers. And they heard about the camping People and their dawgs. Now the People and their Dawgs have jobs! 

My People send The Trixie Foundation money, which you can’t eat, but which can turn into food and warm blankets, dry warm places to stay,  and doctors who make you feel better.  Angels in Appalachia. 


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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Rufus: Just Saying: Christmas Goose and Boris ‘Car-Lov’

9 December 2015

MomPeople is too busy!! She’s late again with my blog. As NikkiCat would say, “Hrumph!” 

Last winter we had lots and lots of snow. BEST winter ever!!! Except my People were snowed in. We have a long steep driveway, and our car couldn’t get up the hill and out! This could have been very bad. NikkiCat and I could have run out of food!!! 

So MyPeople decided they had to get a four-wheeled vehicle. I voted for a big ATV that I could ride in, and we could ride down to the river and run through the woods every day!! But they had different ideas. Sigh. 
They came home with an SUV they call Boris ‘Car-Lov’. I don’t get it, but MomPeople says it’s because she thinks all the ‘doo dads’ on Boris are creepy like some famous actor’s roles in movies. Ooookay. She was really spooked when they drove Boris home from the dealer, and MomPeople turned on Onstar and just asked for directions to take them home. She didn’t give an address, just said ‘home’. AND Boris did!!! Well, almost. Apparently Boris likes the big house next door better than ours. Could be the shorter less hilly driveway. 

DadPeople LOVES Boris. He thinks it’s so cool that Boris steers back into the lane if the car drifts. That’s crazy. I volunteer to drive every time we get in the car, and DadPeople won’t let me. Hrumph. 

MomPeople calls Boris DadPeople’s Christmas gift. Boris zaps DadPeople in the butt if he doesn’t signal a turn or gets too close to a car when parking. I think that makes Boris a Christmas Goose. 


Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Rufus: Just Saying: Thanks Giving

Rufus: Just Saying: Thanks Giving
25 November  2015 

Just over two years ago I rescued Mompeople and Dadpeople. I am very grateful that I am so smart I picked them out when they showed up at the county park where I’d been left.

 I didn’t know what toys were until they gave me a ball. I am very grateful for balls, rubber ducks, frisbees, and Toys! 

I didn’t know about living inside a house with a couch for watching sports with Dadpeople. I am thankful for couches and TV. And that Dadpeople loves sports. 

I didn’t know about ‘cookies’!  I am very grateful for cookies! Except the red ones. Yuck. But if we run out of other cookies and turkey poop… (Don’t ask about the turkey poop. Dadpeople doesn’t understand about eating that.)  

Thursday there’s a special day for giving thanks. A very good day. I understand this special day is a holiday to celebrate my nation’s thankfulness for beginning our nation. I’m especially happy, because if our nation had not formed, I wouldn’t be here!!! George Washington bred a new kind of hound, an American Fox Hound, me! 

Back to the turkey poop Dadpeople doesn’t want me to eat. I think there may be an exception coming up on Thursday. Dadpeople keeps talking about turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. Does Dadpeople want me to chase down one of those guys in the front yard that MomPeople puts corn out for? Does he know how fast they are, and how they can FLY?  

Whether we have fresh turkey poop or not, I am thankful for so much. I hope you have a day that makes you thankful wherever you live! 

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