Monday, August 31, 2015

Rufus: Just Saying: Bestest Walk Ever

Rufus: Just Saying: Bestest Walk Ever
31 August 2015  

This morning MyPeople got ‘lost’ walking me. We usually walk the same paths out in the fields. But today was adventure day. So we took one path, then another, then we were lost. Well, MyPeople were lost, I was VERY busy sniffing, and I knew just where we were and what had been in the fields. Tigers and mammoths and gray whales!!! I charged through the tall weeds after them. But I didn’t catch any. The chase is the best part. 
Adventure down this path! 

Giant mammoth-eating spider web

Tigers and gray whales (whatever they are)  hang out in these fields.  

Mammoths are known to eat a field of these in an hour! 

When we got home I hunted in our woods for the dreaded lost frisbee and red ball. 


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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Rufus: Just Saying, New Water Bowls!

Rufus: Just Saying: New Water Bowls!
18 August 2015


So MomPeople and DadPeople finally finished making noise and bringing around strangers for me to bark at. MyPeople are very happy about their new bathroom. I still don’t get it. Baths should be illegal!!! 

EXCEPT I think MomPeople did it so she got a big new water bowl!!! She’s pretty smart.

Look. Here’s their bathroom before all the pounding and stuff. No water bowl on MomPeople’s vanity. Big flaw. Also big bathtub. Meaning baths, another big flaw. 

After the ‘remodel’ MomPeople and DadPeople have BIG water bowls, and that nasty bathing tub is gone!!! Now they have a big shower. I don’t know what that is. As long it doesn’t involve baths. 

Just when I thought MyPeople were going back to paying attention to me all the time, they came up with ANOTHER ‘remodel’. This one is called DIY. Which means no strangers to bark at, just Mom and DadPeople doing the work. Mostly DadPeople. They’re busy in the laundry room. 

This is the Creepy room. The two machines in there play music when they finish making noise and spitting out clothing that is wet and then warm and dry. 
And they whisper to each other at night when only I am downstairs in my Man/Canine Cave. I do not go in the Creepy Laundry room. 

I do like the new paint color. DadPeople calls it Margaritaville Green. MomPeople says it’s Dancing Green. The machines better not dance out of the Creepy room and try to come to my room!!! 


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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Rufus: Just Saying: A Rainbow Bridge Puff

Rufus: Just Saying: A Rainbow Bridge Puff 

Today my MomPeople got a very sad email. A very special CatPeople passed on to the Rainbow Bridge. Puff was, for seventeen years, the faithful companion to his Lady. When Puff’s Lady moved to assisted living, so did Puff where he gave love to everybody, and especially to his Lady’s niece. 

When Puff’s Lady passed on, his Lady’s Niece found Puff a special home with other elderly cats whose People have gone on ahead. Lady’s Niece wanted to bring Puff to her home, but health concerns prevented that. 

Puff, despite his name, was a ‘manly’ cat who was not into fluffy grooming. He liked the wild CAT look.  

NikkiCat and I know that Puff was loved as well as he gave out love, and he knew it. We want to add our prayers. 

MomPeople asked to print her friend’s beautiful tribute to Puff: 

“Please join me tonight in a prayer for Puff the Persian cat of Auntie Marie's.  He died, it has been exactly one month since auntie died.  Perhaps it was the stress of losing the one and only lady he has ever known, being in a home for the last 17 years with just one person, auntie.  We found a wonderful place for him and he was doing well until the last week-end.  They sent him to the vet and the vet was so concerned she actually took him home with her for the week-end, to try and feed him and help him.  He never recovered.

God Bless all our animals God has given us.

Where is that wonderful verse?  Matthew?

"Are not 2 sparrows sold for a small coin?  Yet not one of them falls to the ground without your Father's Knowledge"

I love that!
 Pet mom Annette”

Our Best Prayers, Puff,

From Rufus and NikkiCat

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Rufus: Just Saying: Seeing the World in Black and White

Rufus: Just Saying: Seeing the world in black and white
4 August 2015

MomPeople is so bad. She ignored my blog for Weeks!!! Too busy revising a book manuscript she just sent off. AND there’s that mysterious bathroom. OtherPeople working on the People bathroom come almost everyday and make noise and dust and they don’t bring treats. 

Even if MomPeople and DadPeople are busy with the ‘bathroom’ (which apparently has more than the little pool DadPeople fills with water for me. Not that I want to be bathed.) Anyway, they make sure I get my morning walks. 

Yesterday was an exciting one. We saw the sun coming up. Very cool.  

Here I am leading the way to the fields we walk through. 

Then the clouds gathered and the winds picked up.  

Then MomPeople got all excited and did something to her camera, and all the color disappeared. Cool, huh? 
This is me and DadPeople headed home before the storm broke. 


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Monday, July 13, 2015

Rufus: Just Saying: Scaried-up Yard

Rufus: Just Saying: Scaried-up Yard
13 July 2015

Mom and DadPeople have been very busy with the  RemodelPeople. Apparently getting rid of a black toilet where MomPeople says anacondas hang out requires a Lot of tearing apart. I can tear stuff apart, but I am not invited. Not fair. 

Meanwhile my yard has been invaded by the torn out Scary Toilet. AND a more scary thing called a bath tub. This sucker is deep! Deeper than my wading pool. It’s for dirty people to get in and put a LOT of water in. That’s how People get the mud off their paws.  

Habitat ReStore is coming to take the toilet and the tub and other torn-out stuff away in a couple of days.  Meanwhile I have to keep DadPeople busy, away from the bathtub in case DadPeople thinks with all the rain we’ve had has filled up Scary Tub, and I should get in and clean all my great mud off. Too deep. Too scary. 

MomPeople’s grandparents had an outside privy up in the mountains of Arizona. MomPeople  said there were a lot of Daddy Long Legs spiders in the privy. I’m getting really concerned about this toilet thing. I don’t see any spiders around the torn-out toilet in our yard, but that could be because of the anaconda. Are the People replacing the anaconda toilet with a spider toilet? Why don’t People just go in the fields like me? 

Anyway. I’ll be glad when the tub is gone away and my nice yard is pretty again. Okay, the real reason I want my yard cleaned up is because it’ll be easier to chase chipmunks if they can’t hide under the tub, behind the shower doors, under the trailer, and maybe in the toilet!

Rufus and the waterfall turtle, waiting.

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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Rufus: Just Saying: Paying for Your Thrills

Rufus: Just Saying: Paying for Your Thrills
30June 2015

Me. after much fun digging in the mud. 

But humans bathe when they get dirty, and DadPeople thought so should I. 

It was a hot day, and the water felt kind of good. 

For a minute, and then DadPeople pulled the shampoo out from under the towel!!!
And then you get dried. Really, DadPeople?  

Just call me Sister Mary Rufus. 

Rufus, the clean pup waiting for another muddy day. 

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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Rufus: Just Saying: ##$$%%^Cellphone AKA Satan

Rufus: Just Saying: ##$$%%^Cellphone AKA Satan
16 June 2015

MomPeople is all fired up. She’s having a war with DadPeople’s cellphone. Which she now calls Satan. She was screaming at it this morning. MomPeople needs to go for a walk like we did on Sunday. Very peaceful with lots of good smells.  

MomPeople’s war with the #$%$%^%^ Cellphone started when MomPeople said they had to take the #$%%^$ cellphone to the phone store because the battery wouldn’t hold a charge.  If the battery died, they might miss a call from the contractor who is going to get rid of the black/anaconda toilet? I know about the toilet thing, but this battery stuff is a mystery. I wasn’t real worried since there wasn’t any mention of the phone eating my treats.

Except going to the phone store meant DadPeople and MomPeople left the house, and all I had to do was watch ESPN. I missed hours of being Outside with DadPeople and taking care of my chipmunk tracking. 

When they got home they did what the phone lady said. And then that night, about 1:30 AM (or as MomPeople said, “O-freaking-#%$%$^^%- dark hundred”)  the phone started buzzing.  Not like this bee. Which you have to be careful of when you get nose close, because they can get mad and sting.  

The #$$%^% phone  buzzed and vibrated. DadPeople slept through it, but MomPeople got up and mashed at the $#$%%^ phone screen, pressed buttons, then gave up and closed it up in a room where no one could hear it. 

It was still buzzing when DadPeople and I woke up. So I missed another morning of chipmunk tracking while Mom and DadPeople went back to the Phone Store for more help with the $%%$^% phone, rhymes with Wamwung. 

When they got home, the $#%%$^%$ phone seemed to be okay until later in the afternoon. Then it started buzzing again. All of a sudden, while it was in DadPeople’s back pocket. When it does that, there’s supposed to be another People who wants to talk to DadPeople, and he holds the phone up to his face. But there wasn’t, and it wouldn’t quit buzzing. 

MomPeople said at least the $%#%$^%^ phone was buzzing instead of ringing, which was  because Satan-phone once again decided on its own to turn off the ringer.

This morning it started burping, which seems to be the same as ringing. Again, no one wanted to talk to DadPeople, and the #$%$%%$^ phone now known as Satan by MomPeople, wouldn’t shut up. It got quiet again, and now it’s making a sound like hiccups!! MomPeople may be right about the Satan thing. 

I’m worried about MomPeople. She needs to take a deep breath and think of the rolling pastures and pretty chicory flowers we saw out at White Hall.  (And pay no attention to the bee in the photo, even if they buzz like the Satan phone.)  


[All photos used in are the sole property of Kath Marsh. Not to be reprinted.]