Wednesday, October 7, 2015

A New Library In Town: One Stop For Writers

If there's one thing all writers agree on, it's that writing is TOUGH. The road to publication twists and dips as we learn the craft, hone our abilities, create stories we're passionate about, fight discouragement, educate ourselves about the industry...and then start the process all over again as we realize there's room to improve. But you know what? If you are like me, you wouldn't have it any other way.

Yet, sometimes it's nice to get a helping hand.

Finding a good writing book, a helpful blog, a mentor or critique partner to share the journey with...these things are gems along the writing path.

And guess what? Maybe there's another resource waiting just up the road called One Stop For Writers.

One Stop For Writers is not writing software, but rather a powerful online library that contains tools, unique description collections, helpful tutorials and much more, brought to you by Angela Ackerman & Becca Puglisi, the authors of The Emotion Thesaurus and Lee Powell, the creator of Scrivener for Windows.

Could One Stop For Writers be the writing partner you've been searching for? Visit Writers Helping Writers this week and see, where Angela, Lee and Becca are celebrating their venture with prizes and some pay-it-forward fun.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Rufus: Just Saying: One Stop For Writers and No Dude

Rufus: Just Saying: One Stop For Writers and No Dude
5 October 2015 

Sigh. I was just getting brave about going down near the water out at the county park. Like my friend Sydney. She swims in the pond! Until I met her two years ago, I was afraid. Last time we went to the park with Sydney and her JillPeople, I actually waded a little in the water while Sydney swam. 

But my transport, the People’s van Dude, is away! He was towed away by a big machine, which I barked at a LOT! Dude is sick or something, so I can’t go for a ride until he gets back. 

But One Stop For Writers debuts soon. Which has MomPeople all excited. I may have to see about writing like MomPeople. NikkiCat will have to take dictation because my paws are a little big. But I’m going to find out all about writing Wednesday when Writers One Stop posts on my blog.

Don’t forget A New Library In Town: One Stop For Writers has a movie to watch! I am very good at watching TV with DadPeople when we watch sports. I’ll be very good at watching One Stop For Writers’ trailer! But I may have to sit on NikkiCat to get him to pay attention so he can help with my new career in writing. At least until DudeVan comes home, and I can go to the Park. 


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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The View is Always the Same?

Rufus: Just Saying: The View is Always the Same? 
29 September 2015

It was raining today, and MyPeople still insisted on going for our morning walk. REALLY? I could have taken care of ‘things’ in a lot of places without going out and getting wet. But after they stood out in the rain and begged long enough, I went with them. EVEN if it was raining and I was the only one without a rain coat.  

We weren’t the only ones out for a walk. So was this box turtle. But then he’s got his own rain coat. I don’t. Am I the only one?  

I think it’s just wrong when MyPeople say, “if you’re not the lead dog, The View’s Always the Same.”
 Does this look the same to you? Same fields as this morning, only this was a few days ago. Look at that sky!! And the fog over the river way behind our house.  

DadPeople said they were making a  joke about only seeing me from behind on our walks since I lead all the time.   Leaders lead, DadPeople! 

Besides, I wasn’t the one who ran to the car and pretended he didn’t know MomPeople when she walked out of the sandwich shop today wearing a kid’s fireman’s hat!!!  

I wonder what that hat tastes like? As good as my frisbee? 

OH!!! Next week I’m loaning my blog to MomPeople. She’s a writer you know. Even though she sits alone a lot writing, it turns out writers have writer friends. And writer friends help each other. So MomPeople is borrowing my blog on October 7 for a cool new writer’s resource. You have to see it. There’s even a movie!!! 


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Friday, September 18, 2015

Halloween Yet?

Rufus: Just Saying: Halloween Yet? 
18 September 2015 

I can tell when Halloween is coming. The MomPeople gets decorations out. Kind of weird stuff, but she thinks it’s fun. 

AND she stops brushing the spider webs off the front porch. Spiders are good Halloween Decorations. Real ones that make sticky webs that get on your fur. I’m not a big spider fan, but it turns out there are two pretty interesting spiders on the front porch. 

I’m not sure if they’re related or competing or what. They look a lot alike. But one lives on the sidelight window on the right side of the front door. He naps a lot, so I didn’t think he was going to get his web into shape for getting groceries. 
Dreaded Napping Spider

But this morning he was awake  and his web was looking good!!! 

The other spider on the front porch has claimed the whole front of the porch roof for his web!!! A really big web that you can’t see except  when the sun hits it just right. I don’t want to think about what he expects to trap. But he lurks up at the top of the porch roof. 

My favorite webs are the ones you can actually snuffle up to out in the fields where we walk in the morning. When we’ve had fog or heavy dew, the webs look like the spiders hung little jewels on them. Or that’s what the Mom People says. 

The DadPeople just shrugs, and we walk on. 


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Monday, August 31, 2015

Rufus: Just Saying: Bestest Walk Ever

Rufus: Just Saying: Bestest Walk Ever
31 August 2015  

This morning MyPeople got ‘lost’ walking me. We usually walk the same paths out in the fields. But today was adventure day. So we took one path, then another, then we were lost. Well, MyPeople were lost, I was VERY busy sniffing, and I knew just where we were and what had been in the fields. Tigers and mammoths and gray whales!!! I charged through the tall weeds after them. But I didn’t catch any. The chase is the best part. 
Adventure down this path! 

Giant mammoth-eating spider web

Tigers and gray whales (whatever they are)  hang out in these fields.  

Mammoths are known to eat a field of these in an hour! 

When we got home I hunted in our woods for the dreaded lost frisbee and red ball. 


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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Rufus: Just Saying, New Water Bowls!

Rufus: Just Saying: New Water Bowls!
18 August 2015


So MomPeople and DadPeople finally finished making noise and bringing around strangers for me to bark at. MyPeople are very happy about their new bathroom. I still don’t get it. Baths should be illegal!!! 

EXCEPT I think MomPeople did it so she got a big new water bowl!!! She’s pretty smart.

Look. Here’s their bathroom before all the pounding and stuff. No water bowl on MomPeople’s vanity. Big flaw. Also big bathtub. Meaning baths, another big flaw. 

After the ‘remodel’ MomPeople and DadPeople have BIG water bowls, and that nasty bathing tub is gone!!! Now they have a big shower. I don’t know what that is. As long it doesn’t involve baths. 

Just when I thought MyPeople were going back to paying attention to me all the time, they came up with ANOTHER ‘remodel’. This one is called DIY. Which means no strangers to bark at, just Mom and DadPeople doing the work. Mostly DadPeople. They’re busy in the laundry room. 

This is the Creepy room. The two machines in there play music when they finish making noise and spitting out clothing that is wet and then warm and dry. 
And they whisper to each other at night when only I am downstairs in my Man/Canine Cave. I do not go in the Creepy Laundry room. 

I do like the new paint color. DadPeople calls it Margaritaville Green. MomPeople says it’s Dancing Green. The machines better not dance out of the Creepy room and try to come to my room!!! 


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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Rufus: Just Saying: A Rainbow Bridge Puff

Rufus: Just Saying: A Rainbow Bridge Puff 

Today my MomPeople got a very sad email. A very special CatPeople passed on to the Rainbow Bridge. Puff was, for seventeen years, the faithful companion to his Lady. When Puff’s Lady moved to assisted living, so did Puff where he gave love to everybody, and especially to his Lady’s niece. 

When Puff’s Lady passed on, his Lady’s Niece found Puff a special home with other elderly cats whose People have gone on ahead. Lady’s Niece wanted to bring Puff to her home, but health concerns prevented that. 

Puff, despite his name, was a ‘manly’ cat who was not into fluffy grooming. He liked the wild CAT look.  

NikkiCat and I know that Puff was loved as well as he gave out love, and he knew it. We want to add our prayers. 

MomPeople asked to print her friend’s beautiful tribute to Puff: 

“Please join me tonight in a prayer for Puff the Persian cat of Auntie Marie's.  He died, it has been exactly one month since auntie died.  Perhaps it was the stress of losing the one and only lady he has ever known, being in a home for the last 17 years with just one person, auntie.  We found a wonderful place for him and he was doing well until the last week-end.  They sent him to the vet and the vet was so concerned she actually took him home with her for the week-end, to try and feed him and help him.  He never recovered.

God Bless all our animals God has given us.

Where is that wonderful verse?  Matthew?

"Are not 2 sparrows sold for a small coin?  Yet not one of them falls to the ground without your Father's Knowledge"

I love that!
 Pet mom Annette”

Our Best Prayers, Puff,

From Rufus and NikkiCat