Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Rufus: Just Saying: Dragging/ Dragon Out a Theme

Rufus: Just Saying: Dragging/Dragon Out a Theme
25 March 2015 
Rufus here: MomPeople signed me up for the A to Z Challenge  ( I’m supposed to come up with a NEW blog posting for each letter of the alphabet during the month of April . NikkiCat is helping me. He’s the big reader, so he knows this fancy alphabet stuff.  

But I had to come up with the theme. I chose food. NikkiCat snorted, sat down, and gave me that CAT Stare. I know what that means. So I thought some more. I thought of chasing chipmunks outside, or barking and hearing the echoes. NikkiCat turned his back on me and marched into the back bedroom. I followed. He jumped up on the desk. I jumped up on the bed. 

NikkiCat sat on this dragon.

He walked back out into the living room and sat down in front of  the fireplace. I sat down. 

Next NikkiCat walked into the kitchen and jumped up on the counter. I stood on my back paws and looked. 

NikkiCat walked to the new picture on the wall. He stared up. DadPeople had MomPeople’s  Arfer Contract framed. NikkiCat told me the book that MomPeople is going to have published is called  The River Dr’gon and the Bumblespells Wizard.  

NikkiCat walked all the way into MomPeople’s office. He walked around staring up. I’m not supposed to go in, and besides DadPeople was calling me. So I just looked quick and ran downstairs. 

When I get back from chasing chipmunks, I’ll ask NikkiCat again about a theme. 


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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Movie Stars?

Rufus: Just Saying: Movie Stars? 
18 March 2015 

Rufus here. Ranger sent me the cover for his ArferMomPeople’s (Ally Shields) new book. It doesn’t have any dogs and especially not Ranger on it, but it’s pretty good.  NikkiCat says he’s definitely going to read it when the book releases Friday.  

But here’s the other cool stuff. Ranger just told me that his MomPeople makes MOVIES called trailers! The one for Eternal Fires has those crows we need to chase. I barked at them for Ranger.

I think Ranger and I should be in a movie. Sadly there are no dogs in these two movie trailers, but we’re going to work on Ranger’s MomPeople to put us in the next one! 

Here are the trailer movies. 

Cross Keys:

PS. NikkiCat here. I got the hot news on Eternal Fires, so I'm putting it in here. Did Rufus mention that Ms. Shields puts CATS in her books! See how smart she is? But I digress, here's the scoop on Eternal Fires and where to buy it. I have mine! 

It started with the murder of a stranger. Then the crows appeared…

Ari and Andreas know the O-Seven will never leave them alone. Ari is carrying Andreas's mortal child, but the vampire elders are convinced the child will be the first vampire baby and are out to posses it. Or kill it. Either way, Ari and Andreas will do anything to keep their unborn child safe, even if it means Ari has to go into hiding and leave Andreas exposed to the O-Seven alone. 

But then the O-Seven call on the Mahmo magic that can turn an elder into a winged killer, and each time Ari runs, they find her again. The only way to protect their child's future is to defeat the O-Seven, once and for all. And to do that, Ari will have to face the elders head-on in their castle stronghold deep in Germany’s Black Forest…

Youtube book trailer:

Buy Links:


“A super crow,” Doc Onway muttered, sounding exasperated. “What’s next?”

Exactly. Ari disconnected. During her conversation with the doctor, the bird hadn’t moved from its position on the fence. It was at least as large as a condor, and the murky haze around it wasn’t put there by nature. The creature cocked its head and stared at her. Witch fire tingled in her fingertips, but she calmed the magic and tightened her grip on her handgun.

Unless forced by circumstances, she wouldn’t use magical fire out in the open like this, where she might burn the farmer’s fields. And where motorists might observe her. Magic still caused a big stir—and a lot of fear—among humans.

“It’s not coming after us.” Ryan turned to look at her. “What did you mean by ‘a normal bird wouldn’t?’”

“It isn’t a coincidence that a flock of crows is called a murder of crows,” she said darkly. “They have a bad reputation. Their minds can be bent to evil by someone with the ability to call and control them—a werewolf, a witch or wizard, even a vampire. There are stories of powerful magic users who can morph into the creature’s form. Just look at it, Ryan. You can’t see the dark aura, but how do you explain that size?”

“Are you telling me that bird might be someone else? Someone supernatural?” Ryan’s hand moved to hover over his own pistol.

“Let’s find out.” Ari took off running, vaulted the fence, and headed straight for the crow. The creature stretched its head high before spreading its wings to their full span and lifting into the air. It released a loud caw and streaked away at astonishing speed. Ari came to a halt in the middle of the field. By the time Ryan caught up, she’d already put her gun away.

“Guess it wasn’t in the mood for a fight.” She shaded her eyes and watched the black object disappear into the horizon.

“How can a bird move that fast?”

Ordinary birds couldn’t. Ari didn’t bother to answer him. She started toward the fence line where the creature had perched.

“Now what?”

“The residual magic might tell me what it is or who’s controlling it.”

Ryan didn’t comment, but she heard the cornstalks swish against his denim jeans as he followed her. He acted skeptical, which kind of surprised her after all the things he’d seen in the last three years. But Ryan had never been completely comfortable with the Otherworld. He’d rather believe the bird was genetically altered by some mad scientist than a magical manifestation.

She stopped at the wooden fence and ran her hands over the rails until she found a spot that tingled…and filled her with an unreasonable sense of dread. She lifted her hands and the oppressive feeling receded. Bad mojo.

“Hey, look.” Ryan pointed toward a black feather sticking out of the grass. He pulled a set of crime scene gloves from his pocket and handed them to Ari. “I suppose you need to handle it first.”

“You know me.” She snapped the gloves in place and picked up the glossy object. Scorching heat, devouring flames. “Yikes!” She dropped it from sheer reflex, the heat vanished, and her fingers had no sign of injury. An illusion. A strong one.

“What happened?” Ryan demanded, staring at the shiny quill as if it might come to life. “You act like it bit you.”

She eyed the feather, not eager to repeat the experience. “Try touching it.”

His brows shot up. 
“Carefully,” she added. “See if you get the same vivid sensation of heat.”

“Why am I always the guinea pig?” But he pulled out a second pair of gloves, crouched, and extended a tentative finger. “Nope. I feel nothing.” He picked it up. “What’s that tell you?”

“It has a defensive shield that reacts to magic.”

“So you were right. It wasn’t a real crow.”

She gave a terse nod. “I couldn’t get past its shields to identify the magic user. Maybe the lab can do better.” She took off her gloves and stuffed them in a pocket. Ryan could carry the damned thing.

They headed back to the car. Ari kept a vigilant eye on the sky and trees around them, extending her senses to avoid a surprise attack. Although the nymph hadn’t died from the visible injuries of a crow’s attack, Ari believed they’d just seen the killer—or some form of the killer—and the cause of the nymph’s death was dark magic.

Heat level: sweet, closed door

Author Links:

Other books in the series:

Title 1: Awakening the Fire (Guardian Witch #1), GR link to cover: 
Title 2: Fire Within (Guardian Witch #2), GR link to cover:
Title 3: Burning Both Ends (Guardian Witch #3), GR link to cover:
Title 4: Blood and Fire (Guardian Witch #4), GR link to cover:
Title 5: Fire Storm (Guardian Witch #5), GR link to cover:
Title 6: Wild Fire (Guardian Witch #6), GR link to cover:

All books can be accessed through the Amazon author page: 

or this search link at B&N:

Future releases: Cross Keys: Revelation, Elvenrude Novel II, Fall-Winter 2015

Monday, March 16, 2015

Ranger Talks About his ArferPeople

Rufus: Just Saying: Ranger Talks About his ArferPeople 

I’m so excited! And it has nothing to do with snow. Ranger, the DawgPeople who takes care of his ‘arfer’ (author as NikkiCat says.)  Ally Shields ( is my guest today!!!  I  have a lot of questions for Ranger since he helps his MomPeople write. 

Rufus: Ranger, your MomArferPeople writes a Coffee Chat blog where she asks other ArferPeople how they like their coffee before they start chatting. I don’t drink coffee, do you? I have a nice bowl of water if you like? I hardly slobbered in it at all. If you want a bowl of water that’s really neat and tidy, you can have NikkiCat’s. 

Ranger: Hey, Ruf. It's great to finally meet you. Coffee? Yuk. I tried it once, but water's my thing. You think I should drink Nikki's? Uh, does he have claws? I'll stick with yours, thank you. I love slobber.

Rufus: How do you help your MomArferPeople write? 

Ranger: I have a big job guarding the house so she isn't attacked while writing. You wouldn't believe the number of potential intruders I see on our street! I get tired warning them off and have to take a nap now and then.
Since she needs to rest her eyes and get plenty of exercise, I also make sure she takes frequent breaks to let me outside, fill my treat ball, or play tug with me.

Rufus: Ranger, I hear your ArferPeople is about to publish the seventh and last book in her Guardian Witch series. What’s the title? And what do you like best about this book? 

Ranger: Um, title? Let me look. Eternal Fires. Sounds kind of scary, but what can you expect from witches and vampires and werewolves? 
The best part for me is when she's done! (Gives big doggie smile.) Then we can play, and I get more treats.
Rufus: NikkiCat loves the Guardian Witch series, because there are cats. He wants to know what the  new cover will look like. I like the cover for book One, Awakening Fire. Yeah, because it has a wolf on it! Wolves, dawgs, cousins! Right? Will the new cover have the wolf again?  What would you put on the cover if you got to choose? 

I’m going to put all six of the covers here so we can think about this. 

Ranger: Don't think she has a final cover yet, but it should be a great photo of ME. Why not? I could be a cool Weredawg! I think there are crows in the story.    What fun it would be to chase them! You want to help me?? 

Rufus: Chasing crows! You’re my kind of dawg! I’m there!
MomPeople showed me the post your Mom did on the seventh book.

 MomPeople’s watching that video your Mom posted of crows. Pretty smart guys, but not as smart as dogs! 

What’s the best part of your MoMPeople finishing up the Guardian Witch series? Does it have to do with going out in the snow to play? 

Ranger: Are you kidding??? I hate snow! I could disappear into the snow. But I love, love, love to play. And playing with the treat ball is the best ever. It'll be nice when we can go outside for long walks by the lake.

Rufus:I heard your MomPeople is working on book two for her Cross Keys  series. Does it have dawgs? What’s your favorite part of this series?

Ranger: No dawgs in the new elven trilogy. Since it takes place in New Orleans, maybe there are alligators. I bet they can't run as fast as I can. (Races around the room demonstrating his running style.) 
Now can we go outside to sniff and water everything? 

Rufus:Thank you, Ranger. I really enjoyed talking to you, and if we’re real quiet I know where the MomPeople hides NikkiCat’s treats. Cats get the best treats! 

Friday, March 13, 2015

Rufus: Just Saying: Friday the 13th and Black Cats

13 March 2015 

This is NikkiCat again. I was going to tell about Rufus and his new dog food, that MomPeople spent way too much money on when she should have just bought me more cat treats. Some salesperson told MomPeople about how Rufus must be missing nutrients in his old kibble if he was eating deer poop and decaying stuff. 

Rufus hunting deer poop. 

Since MomPeople is a soft-touch, she bought the fancy food for the DAWG. Of course he’s still eating deer poop and rotting rabbit parts he finds when DadPeople takes him for a walk. Clearly the $$$DogFood is missing Vitamin Deer Poop and  the Long- dead- smelly- rabbit- parts nutrients. Honestly. 

Given that Rufus eats sketchy ‘leftovers’ , it’s no surprise today, Friday the 13th, Rufus is in a tizzy about something silly.  He’s all worried that I’m unlucky, because I’m a beautiful black cat. Like how? Like I’l bring bad luck, and the deer will stop pooping in the front yard, and Rufus’ll have to eat kibble?  

Hey, Rufus, in between eating yucky stuff, take a look at these facts about black cats! 

It’s true a lot of Americans still think black cats are bad luck. This goes back to the Salem witch trials and the belief that witches could morph into cats. (Why would a cat want to be a people? People have no fur; they don’t know how to groom themselves with their tongues; they don’t take nearly enough naps.) Americans need to catch up. 

A lot of Americans, like my MomPeople’s family, came from Scotland. Long ago the Scots  believed there was this being called the Cat Sith who could morph into a huge black cat. Cat Sith could steal a dead person’s soul before the gods could claim it.  Hey, Rufus, maybe deer scat has a soul, and I can make it come after you. Ever thought about being chased by poop? 

But times change, and in Scotland now they have a much more civilized view of black cats. They think that when a black cat comes to your home, it means prosperity. For certain dawgs Prosperity means having enough money to buy your fancy kibble AND my well-deserved cat treats. 

I researched how good luck and black cats go together:
Being owned by one- of course. 

Having a black cat greet you at the door. -This is conditional on if you immediately fill that certain cat’s bowl with treats. 

Meeting three black cats in succession. MomPeople and DadPeople were really lucky when we three black cats, my Pops, my brother Ivann, and I first came here with my Russian Blue Mom. Mom was the brains of our clowder, but Pops, Ivann, and I were the good luck. 

 Touching a black cat. - Once again this mean properly petting, scratching, and brushing. No one said it would be easy to be owned by a black cat. 

If you really want to know how to get Bad Luck from a black cat, Rufus, here's the list:

Meeting me early in the morning and barking and telling MomPeople I've been to the neighbor's house caging extra food, again. 

Scaring me. -Sneak up on  me one more time, and I'll tie those droopy ears and that slobbery tongue in a knot even DadPeople won't be able to undo. So there. 
Droopy ears, Long! tongue. 

Having me turn my back on you is bad luck. -When I'm ignoring you, I'm working on a plan, and you're going to be sorry you ate my treats, very sorry!

Very Lucky, Handsome, Smart-
Tsar Nikolaus, NikkiCat

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Dawg Plays Hooky, and Plays , and Plays!

Dawg Plays Hooky, and Plays, and Plays!
5 March 2015 

This is Tsar Nikolaus, aka NikkiCat. I’m taking over the blog today, because Rufus has lost his mind again. He’s in no shape to write anything. Honestly!

Yesterday it rained and finally melted all that nasty snow. Rufus, of course, spent the entire day muzzle deep in muddy holes. DadPeople wiped enough mud off that dawg to start a whole garden.

Then it started snowing last night. We live in the Kentucky Blue Grass. We’re Supposed to get moderate seasons. NOT supposed to get ten inches of snow twice in less than a month. Honestly! By this morning we had ten inches and counting.  It’s still snowing. 

And Rufus went from crazy mud-creature dawg to Lost His Mind Snow Dawg!

He ran through the snow like some demented snowplow and chased off all the venison and turkey drumsticks, I mean deer and turkeys MomPeople left corn for this morning. 

 So, that’s what’s going on in Rufus: Just Saying Land. He’s snow crazy again.
When I post this I’m going back to my warm nest in the chair by the window. MomPeople is working on another manuscript, or as Rufus says, ‘arfer stuff.’ DadPeople is warming up and drying off between times he takes Rufus out to “PLAY!” 

I don’t mind helping Rufus. But today he was supposed to settle down and work on a blog interview with Ranger, author Ally Shields’ ( DawgPerson. Ranger’s MomPeople writes the BEST paranormal series, Guardian Witch, and the new series Cross Keys. The Guardian Witch series of course has cool cats in it, Were and my kind. And the Cross Keys series has elves so tough they could take on all the bad guys in The Hobbit, no problem! 

Sigh. If that blog is ever going to get written, I’ll have to get the interview questions to Ranger. Rufus is taking another nap before he goes out to scare the snow, or whatever crazy dawgs do in that cold wet stuff. 

NikkiCat, Tsar Nikolaus. 

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Saturday, February 21, 2015

MomPeople is an Arfer?

MomPeople is an Arfer?
21 February 2015  
 There was big excitement this week. Not just the SNOW!!! 

MomPeople was all in a tizzy about something the FedEXPeople was bringing. We had like more than a foot of snow on the driveway. (Excellent!) and MomPeople said the FedEXPeople couldn’t bring the something to the house.

Anything this important Had to be food! SoI was kind of concerned about the delivery. I mean what  besides food is important? NikkiCat just rolled his eyes at me, but he’s all snarky because the snow is too deep for him to go “OWT!” So he has to stay inside and watch me through the window while I play in the snow. :) 

Anyway, MomPeople has a good imagination. I think that comes from all that writing she does. So she came up with a way to get the important package from the FedEXPeople. She dug all the snow away from the mailbox then perched this bin next to the mailbox. 

We watched. 

Later, after I’d been outside running and running in the snow two times and come back inside to check my food bowl and warm up and dry off, MomPeople walked up the driveway and came back down with a smile on her face and a cardboard envelope in her hands. She and DadPeople were very excited. DadPeople kept saying how proud he was of her.

But the package didn’t have food in it. Inside was something that DadPeople said made her an ‘arfer’. HUH? I didn’t hear her bark. No- “ARF, ARF” just smiling and dancing around the living room. 

NikkiCat gave me another eye roll and said something about me being a “D- A- W- G who can’t spell.” See what I mean about him being snarky? And he’s the one who can’t spell. He said MomPeople had gotten something called a “contract to publish a book,” and now she was a real live official “ A- U- T- H- O- R.”  

I don’t care how you spell Arfer, she isn’t barking.  But maybe her book will be about barking, arfing? HAH, NikkiCAT, then I’d be right! MomPeople would be a real Arfer! 


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